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Product Overview

 The Power Lead-Less Package in ASE Korea was demonstrated for high thermal performance and multi-functionality application using a leadframe as the substrate, which improve thermal performance for the Automotive and Power drive component applications. The package configuration is available in a number of formats by customer requirements. It is compliant package per JEDEC MO-251 standards.


· Superior thermal performance with thick Cu lead frame
· Direct thermal path between the die and the package heat sink.
· Multi-chip solution in a package to increase functionality
· Excellent package integration
· Wide applications : Communication / Power device
· Customized design & Process
· Combine solder and/or Epoxy die attach material for Power and control die
· Package thickness 1mm ~ 2.1mm
· Use Heavy gauge AL wire and/or Au wire bonding
· Sawn/Punched type
· Lead frame base material option : Ag plated Cu/PPF Cu

Key Features
 Package size (mm)  3x3 ~ 13x13
 Lead count available  15 ~ 64
 Leadframe  PPF or Pure Sn or PbSn
 Overall thickness (mm)  0.9 ~ 4.5
 LGA pitch (mm)  0.5 ~ 1.27

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