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PFP(Plastic Flat Package)

Product Overview

RF LDMOS Wideband Integrated Power Amplifier Description: The MHVIC915NR2 wideband integrated circuit is designed with on-chip matching that makes it usable from 750 to 1000 MHz. This multi stage structure is rated for 26 to 28 Volt operation and covers all typical cellular base station modulation formats.


· Copper Wire Bonding Capable Up To 2mil
· Auto Mount & Full Auto Dicing Saw
· Solder Die Attachment
· Pre-Plated Leadframe(Ni/Pd or Ni/Pd/Au) and also provide post plating service.
· Gold Wire Ball Bond Up To 3mil
· Copper Wire Bonding Capable Up To 2mil
· Auto mold
· Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 Capable
· In-Line Marking, Trim and Form with Vision Systems
· Various lead form Options
· Lead free package at 260 C re-flow

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