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Pressure Sensor

Product Overview

The Compensated pressure sensor is a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor providing a highly accurate and linear voltage output - directly proportional to the applied pressure.
The sensor is a single, monolithic silicon diaphragm with the strain gauge and a thin-film resistor network integrated on-chip. The chip is laser trimmed for precise span and offset calibration and temperature compensation.


· Broad portfolio, offering 1.5g to 250g-measurement capability
· Integral signal conditioning
· Interface seamlessly with Motorola processors
· Cost-effectiveness
· Multi-axis sensing capability on one board design
· Robust design, high shock survivability
· Calibrated self-test
· Linear output
· Radiometric to supply voltage

Key Features
 Package Type  Unibody  SOP  SSOP  MPAK  CHIPPAK
 Lead count available  4/6  4/8  8  5  4
 Lead frame Material  Cu  Cu  Cu  Cu  Cu
 Body Size (mm)  15.49  10.79x10.79  7.62x7.62  6.47x8.51  6.48x9.14
 Overall thickness**(mm)  Max5.33  Max5.84  Max4.19  Max4.12  Max3.81
 Lead pitch(mm)  2.54  2.54  1.27  1.27  1.14

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