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Product Overview

· Low profile and thin quad flat packages (QFP)
  are classified by the overall thickness (t)
  according to JEDEC definition:
  L type: 1.2< t <=1.7 mm
  T type: 1< t <=1.2 mm

· Low profile and thin QFPs are becoming popular, as
  they are they are ideal for applications in lightweight
  and portable electronic products. ASE KR offers
  LQFP/TQFP packages in lead counts ranging from 32
  to 256 and 44 to 128 respectively, covering almost all
  the applications in memory, DSP, and communication
  ICs. Due to the low electrical parasitic out of the
  small outline and shorter leads, low and thin QFPs are
  suitable for RFICs and an economical alternative to


· Wide selection of pad size to meet die requirements
· Customized leadframe design capability
· 44~176 leads counts available
· Fine pitch wirebond capability
· Pb free process ready and available
· High conductivity copper leadframes
· Low stress die attach materials
· Power enhancement version
· JEDEC standard compliance
· Cu wire bonding

Key Features
 Package size (mm)  10x10 ~ 20x20
 Lead count available  LQFP : 32 ~ 256, TQFP : 44 ~176

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