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Test Services

  Probe Test (Wafer-Sort) Service
ASE Korea offers a high quality and cost effective solution to customers who are seeking probe test (wafer-sort) service. Especially, for those who are interested in "Turn-Key Solution", ASE Korea is the one with a high recommendation and that most proven in the semiconductor industry.
  RF Test Service
ASE Korea guarantees 'Best in Class' service with over 10 year experience and distinguishable performance in RF test manufacturing. Nowadays semiconductor market tends to require a lot more complexities and diversities along with a rapidly evolving wireless communication and mobile environment in many ways of our life.
  Digital & Mixed signal Test Service
ASE Korea's advanced technology and long experience in digital & mixed signal test guarantees our customers a highest yield control and cost-competiveness by multi-site capability.
  Sensor Test Service
With the proven experiences in packaging & testing the Pressure Sensor devices since1993, ASE Korea has exhibited the unique and resounding reputation over the years and is holding the unchallenged position in the industry.
  Burn-In Test Service
ASE Korea offers Burn-In service to customers who are especially looking for the high standard of product reliability and quality such as automotive industry.
  Post-Test (Bake, TnR, Packing) Service
Post test service is capable of all kinds of packaging methods to meet the wide range of emerging customer needs such as tape and reel requirement, tube & tray packaging requirement, etc. The criteria for vision inspection fully satisfy a world wide industry standard for visual inspection.

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