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Product Overview

Based on copper-made lead frame, Quad Flat No-lead (QFN) or microchip carrier (MCC) uses half-encapsulation technology to expose the rear side of the die pad and the tiny fingers, which are used to connect the chip and bonding wire with lead frame. The least interconnection makes the QFN packages competent to the applications over 12GHz working frequency, as well as the BCC packages. Providing both thermal and electrical enhancement, QFN is a cost-effective solution to leadless packaging due to its economical materials and simpler packaging process.


· Small footprint(No require formed perimeter leads)
· Light weight
· Excellent thermal/electrical performance
· Better power dissipation
· Capable Multi/stack chip solution for functionality
· Custom design available
· JEDEC standard compliant
· Lead frame base material option : Ag plated Cu / PPF Cu
· Sawn/Punched type
· Mold : Transfer over mold
· Lead pitch : Min. 0.33mm
· Package size : 2 to 10mm SQ

Key Features
 Package size (mm)  2x2 ~ 10x10
 Lead count available  8 ~ 88
 Leadframe  Ag and PPF plated
 Overall thickness (Saw/Punch, mm)  0.33 / 0.85
 Lead pitch (mm)  Min. 0.35

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