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Product Overview

PQFN which is also called PLLP(Power Lead Less Package in ASEKR) demand is expected to emerge from multi-functional power and Automotive electronics to meet requirements for high performance and High reliability of package due to increase operating life time.


· Excellent Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical performances
· Capable of Package in Package design
· Available Square or Rectangular body design
· Lead free plating available (pure tin)
· Multi chip solution in a package to increase functionality
· Small leadless footprint requires less board space
· High flexibility in design for combined die bond methodology
· Capable heavy gauge AL wire bonding
· Saw or Punch singulated package format
· Large leadframe (250 X 70 mm)

Key Features
 Package size (mm)  2x2 ~ 10x10
 Lead count available  8 ~ 108
 Leadframe  Ag and PPF plated
 Overall thickness (Saw/Punch, mm)  0.45 / 0.85
 Lead pitch (mm)  Min. 0.4

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