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Company Overview



Company Overview
 Company Name   ASE Korea
 Business Type   Semiconductor assembly and test solution provider
 Employees    1,950
 Sales   USD 380 million (2018)
 CEO   Gichol Lee
 Address   76, Saneopdanji-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
 Phone   82-31-9400-114,  82-31-9400-539

  ASE KOREA was established by ASE Group, a Taiwan's flagship semiconductor company, as it acquired the semiconductor division of Motorola Korea Ltd. located in Paju, Gyeonggi-do in July 1999. Motorola Korea Ltd., the predecessor of ASE KOREA, was founded as an overseas plant fully funded by Motorola in 1967. For the past 39 years, it has acted as a driving force behind Korea's economic growth and its increase of exports by introducing advanced management techniques and state-of-the-art semiconductor technology borrowed from western countries.

Through ASE Group's M&A, ASE KOREA could gain momentum for a new take-off, introducing sales and management concepts into every business process to effectively meet a variety of customer requirements.

ASE KOREA provides turn-key solutions - assembly and testing of a range of customer-specific semiconductors such as automotive power ICs, medical and industrial sensors and amplifiers for wireless telecommunications - and continuously invests in the development of high value-added and next-generation products.

ASE KOREA, which has a complete organizational structure including quality control, R&D, assembly and testing facilities, sales, and administration , promptly responds to ever-changing customer requirements. In an attempt to make the best use of resources, ASE KOREA has implemented a leading edge Enterprise Resource Planning system, which facilitates the entire order fulfillment process ranging from order-taking to production planning and delivery to be seamlessly integrated so as to maximize customer value.

Ever since the M&A by the Taiwanese ASE Group, ASE KOREA has continued to improve and grow with the aid of top-of-the-line facilities, a research center, a pleasant work environment and a stable welfare system. An advanced technology and management system accumulated over many years as well as a sound corporate mission has made the company a sought-after workplace where employees, customers and the community can all thrive.

In the midst of the ever-accelerating trend of "factory-free manufacturing" and "outsourcing," ASE KOREA is establishing itself as a number one business partner for high profile semiconductor and home appliance manufacturers around the world.

Highly customized semiconductor packaging and testing service solutions, characterized by customer-centric values, accumulated advanced technology, flexible production, quality and price competitiveness and on-time delivery, have helped customers build a future of success.

The company will press ahead with research and development of expert technologies, continuous investment in advanced equipment and solidifying our partnership with customers so that we can deliver innovative products and services and create a new model for the future of the international semiconductor market.

- Historically strong in RF SiP, MEMS and Automotive packaging
- Expanding to STD and advanced packaging - fcCSP, BGA, WFP, Power module,
  shield, PoP, film mold
- Dedicated eng’g sample line for NPI development

Business Culture
- Customer oriented work environment
- Customized design rules
- Process flexibility per customer spec
- Dedicated eng’g and admin service thru CFT activities

Cost Solution
- HD substrate strip (95*240mm)
- Cu wire on BGA, QFN and RF SiP
- MFG efficiency by automation and skillfulness
- MFG index management for each customer and continuous improvement

Order Fulfillment
- Outstanding cycle time to help customers with time to market
- Inventory cost saving by short cycle time
- Ability to execute urgent orders


Characteristics of corporate buildings
  Condominium System
- All divisions are within a single location to bring about a strategic synergy.

Modular Expandability
- Additional plant sites have been acquired so that buildings can be expanded to
  meet possible changes in demand for products in a timely manner.

Efficiency and Flexibility
- Manufacturing floors are flexibly laid out in such a way
  as to produce optimal products with the greatest efficiency.
  Main Features
   - Land Area: 97,258㎡
   - Building Space: 75,889㎡
   - Manufacturing Space: 35,057.3㎡
   - 1st building: Seven Stories Building(including 3 mezzanines) and 2nd
     building: eight floors+ 1 basement
   - Clean Room Class: 10k class/100k class
  Other Features
   - Central facilities plant
   - Amenities building(gym, hobby clubs, music room)
   - Playgrounds and courts(volleyball, basketball, tennis)
   - Child Care Center(1,010.85m2)
   - Parking lot(620 cars)

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