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RF SiP (System in Package)

Product Overview

ASE KR's SiPs incorporate the most advanced assembly process and design for recent cost / performance applications. This advanced IC package technology allows application and design while maximizing the RF performance characteristics. ASE KR's SiPs feature two or more active dies (Silicon, SiGe and GaAs) and their associated 50 ohm matching network. ASE KR's SiPs are designed for low inductance, enhanced SMT ability and Custom designs with higher performance along with long-term reliable operation.


· High temperature solder material
· Custom package available
· Getek/BT/FR4 multi-layer substrate material
· Substrate material (Coreless, ENEPIG)
· Multi-chip Module
· Electrical / Thermal Conductive epoxy
· High Density Integration(01005 passive, Fine pitch wire bond, Low-K wafer)
· Fine trace line & space
· System integrated Package
· Green Solution
· Super Large Strip (240.5 X 74.12 mm)

Key Features
 Package Size (mm)  3x3 ~
 Lead Count available  20 ~ 102
 Substrate  2 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 layers
 Overall Thickness (mm)  Max. 1.8
 LGA Pitch (mm)  Min. 0.5

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