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Product Overview

Laminate or build-up organic substrate offers better electrical performance than wire-bond type BGA package especially in high frequency applications.


· Substrate : 4 layer laminate, 4~8 layer build-up, and ceramic, substrates are
  available for different applications.
· Passive Component: Passive component attaching is available. It can be placed on
  the top or bottom side of the package.
· Ceramic BGA: High Pb solder ball with eutectic solder paste improves board level
  reliability performance of ceramic packages.

Key Features
 Package Size (mm)  13x13 ~ 50x50
 Package Thickness (mm)  Max. 0.8
 Substrate  2 / 4 / Build-up
 Die Size (mm)  Max. 18x18
 Bump Type  Eutectic / High Pb / Leadfree / Cu pillar bump
 Solder ball  SAC405 / SAC305 / SAC105 / SAC125

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