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Open Cavitiy QFN

Product Overview

Comparing to normal QFN package, Open cavity QFN(OQFN) needs “Pre-mold” and “Glass lid attach”. After pre-molding, it takes die bonding and wire bonding, and normal molding process is substituted by glass lid attach.


· Applicable for Mega pixel image
· Cost effective solution
· In-house glass sawing (Plain, IR coated for AR coated)
· In-house transfer molding
· Strip-form assy handling
· Green solution
· MSL 3 at 260 Deg.C
· Gross leak guarantee
· Excellent thermal performance
· Effective solder joint monitoring at board mounting
· 1.55 mm nominal
· Cu lead frame base
· Ni/Pd/Au plating
· Epoxy die attach
· Au wire w/down bonds
· Transfer molding
· Plain glass lid or IR/AR coated glass lid
· Leadless form factor

Key Features
 Package size (mm)  10 x 10
 Cavity size (mm2)  6.72
 Die pad size (mm2)  5.2
 Lead pitch (mm)  0.80
 Lead Paddle Size (mm2)  0.3

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