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Dual Row QFN

Product Overview

The problem of limited pin counts associated with QFN packages for highly integrated wireless system is addressed by using dual-row QFN packages instead of the traditional QFN packages in which two rows of surface mount pads are placed at the periphery of the package. Both rows can then be connected to the die using wire bonds.


· Small footprint(No require formed perimeter leads)
· Light weight
· Excellent thermal/electrical performance
· Better power dissipation
· Capable Multi/stack chip solution for functionality
· Custom design available
· JEDEC standard compliant
· Green solution
· Lead frame base material option : Ag plated Cu / PPF Cu
· Sawn/Punched type
· Mold : Transfer over mold
· Lead pitch : Min. 0.4mm
· Package size : 2 to 10mm SQ
· Large leadframe (250 X 70 mm)

Key Features
 Package size (mm)  2x2 ~ 10x10
 Lead count available  8 ~ 108
 Leadframe  Ag and PPF plated
 Overall thickness (Saw/Punch, mm)  0.33 / 0.85
 Lead pitch (mm)  Min. 0.35mm

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