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FC Module

Product Overview

Flipchip Module package incorporating one or horizontally- arranged multi-chip die with SiP package format. Moderate Fully-functional subsystem package consisting of a substrate, one or more die, chip-level interconnects,
integrated or surface-mounted passive and active components and protective casing (RF shield, lid, overmold, etc).


· Lower ground inductance, Fine bump pitch
· Overall improved electrical performance.
  (RF gain, noise, linearity, power consumption)
· Assembly compatibility
· Lower cost & small size
· Cu pillar bump to enhance the thermal performance.
· Lower Pin Count & High Performance

Key Features
 Package Size (mm)  3x3 ~ 13x13
 Package Thickness (mm)  0.85~1.8
 Substrate  2/4/6L/Build-up
 Bump Type  High-Pb / Pb-free / Cu-pillar

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