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HFC BGA (High Performance FCBGA)

Product Overview

Thermally enhanced FCBGA, is the composite package of FCBGA with heatspreader made of Cu, Al, or AlSiC. This method desensitizes the performance deviation out of the chip size, lowers the thermal resistance of junction-to-case (θJC) and enables the external heat sink or fan to work more effectively. HFCBGA can produce 6~8 watts of power dissipation under natural convection.


· Graphics Chipset, Network Switching
· Programmable Logic Device, Transmission Workstation
· Wafer backgrind, Low-k wafer handling
· Fine bump pitch vs. CUF Tech
· Substrate Tech’ for fine pitch, build-up
· Heat sink attach’
· Thermal managements

Key Features
 Package Size (mm)  12x12 ~ 52.5x52.5
 Substrate  4~10 layers ( 1/2/1, 2/2/2, 2/4/2, 3/Substrate 2/3, 4/2/4)
 Die Size (mm)  Max. 23x36
 Bump Type  Eutectic / High Pb / Leadfree / Cu pillar bump
 Heat spreader Type  2 Pcs Cu HS / 1 Pcs HS / Lid Only / Ring Only
 Solder ball  SAC405/ SAC305 / SAC105 / SAC125

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