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Product Overview

FCCSP (Flip Chip Chip Scale Package) offers chip scale capacity for I/Os around 200 or less. FCCSP provides better protection for chip and better solder joint reliability. FCCSP is more superior to known good die (KGD) in low-cost test and burn-in, and performs comparable electrical function with KGD. FCCSP features thin and small profile, and lightweight packages


· RF Device, Power regulator, Memory
· Wafer backgrind, Low-k wafer handling
· Fine bump pitch vs. CUF Tech
· Substrate Tech’ for fine pitch, build-up
· High performance

Key Features
 Package Size (mm)  3x3 ~ 14x14
 Package Thickness (mm)  Max. 1.4
 Substrate  2L/4L/1-2-1/6L(1-4-1/2-2-2)
 Die Size (mm)  Max. 10x10
 Bump  Eutectic / Pb-free / High-Pb / Cu-pillar
 Solder ball  SAC105 / SAC305 / SAC405

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