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RF Test Service

Product Overview
ASE Korea guarantees ‘Best in Class’ service with over 10 year experience and distinguishable performance in RF test manufacturing. Nowadays semiconductor market tends to require a lot more complexities and diversities along with a rapidly evolving wireless communication and mobile environment in many ways of our life. In order to comply with current market needs, ASE Korea Test focus on providing a high quality ‘Customized Test Service’ with a wide range of platform selections and design capability for H/W integration. One of strengths that ASE Korea has is a cohesive equipment team with more than 8 year experience in design of H/W and handler integration to any type of test platform. Also, our team’s profound insight concerning the test contact can satisfy a rising industry needs in such as cell phone, wireless LAN, gaming and home appliance.
Available Platforms
 Manufacture  Model
 ADVANTEST  93K PortScale, 84K 10 port
 ROOS Instrument  RI7100A
  - Cell phone ; Transceiver, Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier and Front End Module
- Wireless LAN for computer
- FM Tuner / TV Tuner
- Bluetooth
- RF Switch
- ***SoC/SiP - High Digital & RF

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