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Probe Test (Wafer-Sort) Service

Product Overview
ASE Korea offers a high quality and cost effective solution to customers who are seeking probe test (wafer-sort) service. Especially, for those who are interested in “Turn-Key Solution”, ASE Korea is the one with a high recommendation and that most proven in the semiconductor industry. Highly skilled engineers, technicians and operators are always ready in our facility as well as various automated test equipment and probers which are capable of handling up to 12 inch wafer. Particularly, our strong R&D resource can support all kinds of industry needs by developing test software as well as hardware such as multisite probe card, core and PIB. In addition, our well-managed test process, qualified from numerous customers for many years will definitely satisfy your high level of quality requirements with faster time to market than anyone else.
Available Platforms


  Manufacture   Model
 ADVANTEST  HP93K Pinscale


 Manufacture  Model
 TSK  UF-200 Prober (8 inch)
 TEL   Precio, P-12 Prober (8 & 12 inch)
  - Cell phone , Transceiver , Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier and Front End Module
- Wireless LAN for computer
- Bluetooth
- FM tuner , TV tuner - RF Switch
- ***SoC/SiP - High Digital & RF

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