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Digital & Mixed signal Test Service

Product Overview
ASE Korea’s advanced technology and long experience in digital & mixed signal test guarantees our customers a highest yield control and cost-competiveness by multi-site capability. We ship over tens of millions of our tested goods every month to various customers in a wide range of markets such as cell phone, TV, Audio, computer and Automotive. Our main strength in digital & mixed signal test is multi parallelism, capable of X8 for power management in cell phone products and X32 for consumer MCU products. ASE Korea’s manufacturing and quality control method are well suited for highly demanding industry requirements.
Available Platforms
 Manufacture  Model
 ADVANTEST  V93K PinScale,SmartScale
 NEXTEST  Magnum SV, Maverick GT
 LTX-CREDENCE  D10, Fusion-HT,Fusion-CX, Synchro
  - Touch Screen
- Base Band in Cell Phone
- High Digital Soc in handset application
- Power Management IC
- Audio Amplifier
- Automotive High Power device
- MCU( Micro Controller Unit )

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