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Burn-In Test Service

Product Overview
ASE Korea offers Burn-In service to customers who are especially looking for the high standard of product reliability and quality such as automotive industry. The built-in experience and knowledge for highly integrated IC can meet all kinds of specific customer's burn in requirements such as static, dynamic, high-power and computer controlled driver, etc. We have adequate engineering resources and technology to provide One-Stop Turn-Key Service for all kinds of packages, including hardware design and development with low cost and fast set up. We are always pleased to have all kinds of your inquiries about our service.
Available Platforms
  _ Impact Oven
_ Wake Field Oven
_ AEHR oven ( Kesu Type)
  _ Engine management system - Low side driver for system actuator control
_ multi-output power supply integrated circuit with high speed transceiver
_ H-Bridge driver
_ Electronic engine control modules in automotive
_ Universal Power Output driver
_ Step motor control module
_ ABS module in automotives
_ Air Bag Application in Automotive
_ Computer contolled driver, etc.

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