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Post-Test (Bake, TnR, Packing) Service

Product Overview
Post test service is capable of all kinds of packaging methods to meet the wide range of emerging customer needs such as tape and reel requirement, tube & tray packaging requirement, etc. The criteria for vision inspection fully satisfy a world wide industry standard for visual inspection. Our experience with vision applications, engineering resource and quality control can help you find the best solution for your specific packaging requirements. Baking and dry packaging process are available for high humidity sensitive package.
Available Platforms
- STI TR98
- STI TR48
- STI AT268
- STI TR18
- Systemation DT8800
- Systemation ST60, ST60-3
- ICOS CI-9450
- STI AT268
- Ismeca SRM
WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  WMS is an in-line packing system controlled by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). WMS is connected to company database and Manufacturing Execution System to be able to data query from system directly. This is an error free and cost effective control system designed and installed by ASE Korea.

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